We provide all the kind of personal protection if you hire us we give our best which is we trained for.


Yes, we provide security for events and full fill all the needs of our clients.


If our clients need bodyguards as per their requirements then we provide them this facility.

Meet the Team

We built our company on steady, organic growth, generated almost entirely from customer referrals and satisfaction. We figured that if we needed or wanted to grow quickly, we'd invest in our staff.

Zoran Spasovski

Managing Director

Dalibor Todorovski

Security Operations Manager

Perica Pajic

Security Supervisor

Almir Hajdarevic

Team Leader

Kaizen Security LLC is an international security company, licensed to provide full aspect of security and event services. 


Kaizen Security LLC is made of internationally recognized and certified professionals, with extensive security and customer experience. All of our employees have local licenses and they are members of international organizations, which allow them to work in vast number of countries.

Our Company is designed in a way to suit our client’s special requirements and meet specific requests.

Company motto: Prevent and protect!

Mission: Make the visitors feel the Season’s events was the safest, most welcoming, friendly, organized and memorable events they have ever attended.

Our Advisory Role

We assess and advice based on specific operational activities, methods, planning standards and mandatory  documents

  • Control crowds in front of security areas, facilities and services
  • Crowd control safety/security Risk assessments
  • Crowd Control staffing deployment plans
  • Training material and documentations
  • Crowd control/Safety workplace consultation
  • Crowd Monitoring and communication on crowd behavior
  • Assisting and Coordinating first response, first aid
  • Develop emergency evacuation plans of a Venue or event
  • Crowd management Policies and procedures
  • Incident reporting system

Affected areas:

  • Security Screening
  • Ticket Box Office
  • Ticket Validation
  • Pavilions
  • Entertainment
  • Concessions
  • Transport zones

Next Steps...

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